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About LaluBaby


Cloth Diapers India / LaluBaby is family run online business that was born 6 years ago, when our oldest son was only 4 months old. Modern cloth diapering was such a happy and good experience, we wanted to bring it to others. Modern cloth diapering has already taken its hit in the West, but Indian moms are often unaware that cloth diapering has been made fun and easy, and is still very cost efficient long term compared to disposable diapers.
To this day LaluBaby remains a small and personal family business.
It is our mission to help spread the word and stop moms from shifting to disposable diapers, which are bad for environment, and exposes our most loved ones to unnecessary chemicals and other health risks.
On the store available is combination of made in China and also our own India made - LaluBaby handcrafted items. We try to bring the best for price items to our store, so our customers have the best possible cloth diapering experience!

Why LaluBaby?
Its a sweet reminder of our older boy once being small. Its a precious memory we treasure, an obsession with lions, which our little boy called lalus. So do join your little lalu to our circle!

Happy Cloth Diapering!




the Kalva - Gaur family


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