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2 PCS hemp 4 layer insert – LaluBaby


2 PCS ALL hemp cotton cloth 4 layer insert (thick), Naughty Baby, one size 13.5x35cm

Rs. 420.00

Set of 2 Pieces: 4 layers, all hemp cotton fabric (55%hemp/45%cotton). One side of insert smooth fabric, brushed texture on the other side.

These are quite thick hemp inserts, good as single main insert, or will be a great second insert for nighttime diapering. In cloth diapering world hemp is told to be the most 'thirsty' fabric. It is generally fine to use hemp directly on skin, but it can become quite rough to touch, especially if sundrying, as a natural fabric it will also not provide the stay dry feel.

It is important to prepare your hemp for the first use. Best is about 20 minutes boil followed by gentle detergent wash, else simply do a hot soak followed by gentle detergent wash. As a natural fibre, it is normal for hemp to shrink by up to 8-12% of its size as well as change shape.
Just like other inserts this will gain its best absorption capacity after a 3-5 washing cycles.

Both handwash and machine wash is completely fine, but machine washing gives better results at keeping smells away.
Every once in a while you can boil your washed inserts (not the covers) for 10 minutes to help rid of detergent remains or unpleasant odors.


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