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Orange Organic Bamboo Cotton Velour FITTED diaper (5-14 kg) – LaluBaby


Orange Organic Bamboo Cotton Velour FITTED diaper (5-14 kg)

Rs. 600.00

Orange organic bamboo cotton Fitted diaper (outer layer is bamboo cotton velour + bamboo cotton cloth, insert is 3 layer bamboo cotton cloth)

What is a Fitted diaper?
A fitted diaper is not a waterproof diaper - its simply a nappy designed to perfectly fit your baby without the need of pins, with gussets that help contain all leaks.
Because of this, normally a fitted diaper will be worn with a waterproof cover.
Its snug and absorbent all around - not only in the crotch, but will also catch wetness around hips, on the tummy and back, so it makes for the best leak proof fit that will be great naptime and nighttime diapering choice.
For Nighttime diapering it is suggested that another insert of your choice be used with the one that already comes with the diaper, especially for heavy wetters.
Diaper consisting of two pieces - cover and insert for faster drying. Insert snaps into the cover with 1 snap on the rear for easy placement.
Washing instructions:
Regular hand or machine wash.
Just detergent of your choice, bleach solution can rarely be used if nappy starts smelling like ammonia even after washing.
Line dry or tumble dry on low.


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