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ORIGINAL one size HYBRID -AUSSI ANIMALS Handmade fitted diaper fits 5- – LaluBaby


ORIGINAL one size HYBRID -AUSSI ANIMALS Handmade fitted diaper fits 5-15 kg, cotton velour lining

Sold out.

With snap down adjustable rise (sizing)

Hybrid diaper is awesome for keeping your child during daytime for sometime in a 100% breatheable, natural fiber lined diaper. For 1-2 hours it can withstand without any cover at all. If you, however, want to keep the diaper on for extended time or for night diapering, you will need a cover for this, as it is not waterproof.

The cotton velour/velvet lining pile texture will make sure that even though its a natural fiber, it feels less wet to skin than most other flat cottons.

Layers Cover: outer -cotton woven, middle - polyfleece, inner - cotton velour

Inserts: -Big fold over insert, consists of 3 layers cotton french terry, folds over for 6 layers, topped with cotton velour
-extra small booster for wetzone, 4 layers of cotton french terry


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