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Superbottoms Plus all in one (AIO) for heavy absorbency (FESTOON) 5-17 – LaluBaby


Superbottoms Plus all in one (AIO) for heavy absorbency (FESTOON) 5-17 kg

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Superbottoms Plus diaper is ideally suited for night-time diapering or for heavy wetting babies.

Structure: This pack contains one Superbottoms plus with attached soaker with suede dry – feel, and 1 additional bamboo cotton soaker – attachable with a snap.

The additional soaker is to be placed BELOW the attached soaker.

The entire diaper is lined with a dry-feel microsuede lining which stays dry even if baby urinates on it.

This gives baby a stay-dry feel all through the night.

The diaper comes with an additional booster soaker which can be used with the attached soaker. Together these 2 soakers can last 7-8+ hours for most babies.

The diaper in total contains 9 layers of SUPER absorbent and high quality organic bamboo cotton.

The diaper also has a back pocket for additional soakers if required.

Learn more by watching this video

How to use:

STEP 1: ALWAYS wash the diaper atleast 2-3 times before with detergent. This is because Organic Bamboo Cotton is a natural fibre and needs to be washed before it can absorb completely.

Skipping this step CAN CAUSE leaks.

STEP 2: ALWAYS size diaper before use using the front panel of snaps.

There are 12 snaps in front meant for reducing size. The size must be such that there are NO GAPS around the thigh. It fits from 5-17 kg.

A loose diaper can be uncomfortable for babies.

Watch how to size your diaper here

STEP 3: Use 1 soaker (attached) if you want the diaper to last for lesser hours and 2 soakers if you want it to last 7-8+ hours.

Watch how to get a great fit for Superbottoms Plus cloth diapers here


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